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Board of Directors & Executives
Board of Directors


Mauricio Cárdenas Santamaría, Minister of  Finance

Amilkar Acosta Medina, Minister of Mines and Energy,

Tatiana Orozco de la Cruz, Director of the National Planning Agency

Gonzálo Restrepo, President of the Board (Independent)

Jorge Gabino Pinzón (Independent)

Joaquín Moreno Uribe (Independent)

Horacio Ferreira Rueda, nominated by the Departments producing hydrocarbons exploited by Ecopetrol S.A. (Independent)

Roberto Steiner Sampedro, Minority Shareholders´ Representative (Independent)


Javier Gutiérrez
Chief Executive Officer

Operational Areas

 Camilo Marulanda
Chief Operations Officer
Humberto Fuenzalida (a)
Vice President of Exploration
Héctor Manosalva 
Vice President of Development and Production
Héctor Castaño
Vice President of Associated Operations
Rafael Guzmán
Technic Vice President
 Ricardo Coral (a)
Vice President of the Southern Region
 Nelson Castañeda (a)
Vice President of the Central Region
Francy Ramírez (a)
Vice President of the Orinoquia Region
Jaime Bocanegra
Vice President of Transportation
Pedro Rosales
Vice President of Downstream

 Federico Maya
Vice President of Refining
Claudia Castellanos
Comercial Vice President

Corporate Areas

Margarita Obregón
Secretary General
Adriana Echeverri
Vice President of Strategy
Magda Manosalva
Chief Financial Officer
Donaldo Ariza (a)
General Counsel
Oscar Gualdrón (a)
Vice President of Human Resources
Óscar Villadiego
Vice President of HSE and Sustainability
Néstor Saavedra
Vice President of Innovation and Technology
Jaime A. Pineda Durán
Procurement Manager
Carlos Zamudio
Shared Services Director

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