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Early Payment of Invoices

Requirements for requesting early invoice payment

If you need your invoices paid earlier than the payment date agreed to (30 days after the date the invoice is received), send a note to the f Payments and Banking Transactions Coordinator at Ecopetrol S.A., located at Carrera 13 No.36-24 - Piso 7 Edificio Principal in Bogotá or send it to the e-mail address prontopago@ecopetrol.com.co or to fax No. 2 34 47 64 and then confirm receipt by calling 234-4000, extension 52563.

The request must specify:

  • The Invoice number(s)
  • The NIT (Taxpayer Identification Number) or Citizens Identification Number
  • New payment date requested (optional)
  • A clear expression of acceptance of the financial discount (in line with the discount conditions for early payment established by Ecopetrol)
  • Internal document number of the invoice and the credit number in the SAP system (you can find those numbers on this page by entering "Estados de Cuenta y Certificados de Retención" [Account Statements and Withholding Certificates] and then going to "facturas pendientes de pago" [invoices pending payment])

(Model of proposed request attached)

Request form

Applicable only to invoices for amounts greater than five million pesos ($5,000,000).

Ecopetrol reserves the right to approve or reject a request for early payment, after analysis of the financial advisability and the availability of resources.

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